An Activity Guide for Your Brighton Stag Do

Brighton is a town full of activities and is a memory waiting to be made. Every year, thousands of grooms-to-be and their band of excited comrades embark on a Brighton stag do.

If you’re in the process of planning one last hurrah of freedom, the coastal resort offers an incredible selection of ventures for any sized group.


Pubbing, Clubbing, Dancing and Prancing

The main event of just about any stag do is a big night on the tiles. Whether you’re looking for a few quiet ones or a heavy, hangover-inducing session, you’ll be able fulfil your wishes as you see fit.

From small and quirky pubs to open ‘til the early hours clubs and everything in between, your favourite tipple is always on hand. Some of our favourite bars are conveniently located and easily accessible, wherever you are.

West Street has a great selection of bars and clubs such as Revolution, Walkabout, Wetherspoons and Pryzm. Have fun but remember to drink responsibly at all times.


Become a Band of Soldiers

Release your inner commando and strategically eliminate the competition with a paintballing excursion. If you’re not as patient as that, there’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned run and gun approach.

Either way, a great time will be had by all. Remember; there’s never a bad time to put the stag through his paces. Demolition Paintball, Delta Paintball and Go Ballistic are all in close range of the town centre.


Let Your Speed Demons Free

Fancy yourself as a racing mastermind? Perhaps you can’t pass up the opportunity to show the stag how it’s supposed to be done. Don your helmet and buckle up, this could get intensely competitive.

Go karting is one of the most popular activities on many a Brighton stag do. Home to some of the highest-rated tracks and courses in the country, including TeamSport, Brooklands and Brighton Karting, get ready to burn some rubber.


All aboard the Ship

Seadogs of the world rejoice. Thanks to Brighton’s location on the coast, water-based activities are a very real possibility. With boats from SeaBreeze3 taking off from Brighton Marina every day, there are plenty of opportunities to be had.

Avid angling fans can revel in deep sea fishing, whilst the novices can make use expert advice from seasoned professionals. Of course, you can even simply sit back and enjoy the sea breeze.


Rib Ticklers and Knee Slappers

Looking for a laugh? The town has a range of comedy clubs, perfect for groups in need of a lark as well as pubs that provide this form of entertainment.

Krater Comedy Club regularly plays host to a wealth of side-splitting comics and entertainers. Caroline of Brunswick is a self-defined comedy pub that offers stand-up as well as rock bands.


Blend and Taste

Many stag parties involve drinking but it doesn’t always have to be a no holds barred contest until the early hours of the morning.

KOBA cocktail bar provides a masterclass in making and mixing a whole host of beverages. The fun of preparing and drinking your own refreshments appeals to almost anybody.

If your clan prefers a spot of vino, wine tasting is all the rage down here. The town is home to several wine tasting locations all situated around the Pier and town centre.


Open Your Lungs

Calling all wannabe singers; warm up your vocal chords and take centre stage for a karaoke experience with a difference. Whether you consider your voice to be 90’s Britpop, classic soul or heavy rock orientated, show off your skills on the microphone. Just watch out for any unwanted cameras!

Lucky Voice and Slam Star Karaoke magically set the scene for your performance. Live out your dreams as the next big superstar or volunteer the stag for a shot of embarrassment far stronger than any tequila.


The Thrill of the Race

The Dogs is always an exhilarating event. Brighton and Hove Greyhound Stadium goes the extra mile. There’s a range of services including food and drink to keep even the grumpiest of party members happy.

There’s no pressure on anybody to gamble either which is always nice to know.


Mix It Up

So much to do and so little time to journey between locations. If that sounds like a Brighton stag do drama you can do without, QLeisure has a multitude of packages comprising of thrilling activities.

Pick a readymade option or create your own and all fun takes place on the same site. From bubble football and clay pigeon shooting to archery and laser tag, the only limits are set by you.


Fun in the Water

If the stag is watersport lover, Brighton is the perfect place to come. Windsurfing, paddleboarding, jet skiing and even kayak water polo are on offer.

Provided by Lagoon Watersports, which is less than 3 miles from the town centre, there aren’t too many experiences quite like these. If that’s not enough, you can also enjoy food and drinks when you’re all finished.


And Rest

After a busy day of fun and games, you’d be forgiven for wanting to rest your tired body. Hawkmore Holiday Lets has everything you need to rest and recuperate. You’ll be ready to do it all again tomorrow after a night in our stag accommodation!

The Beach House is perfect for large groups. Situated right next to Brighton Beach, it offers easy access to whole of the town. The stunning décor is beaten only by its ability to sleep up to 20 man stag parties.

The Art Deco Flat simply oozes class. Replicating the luxury and grace of the 1920s and 1930s, the six-man accommodation sits on the beachfront offering instant entrance to some of the best activities around.

For a stag do you’ll never forget, Brighton is the ideal place. The town never disappoints and always leaves you wanting more.